What’s the difference between standard overlay and full overlay doors?2020-11-19T22:06:40-05:00

In cabinet terms, the overlay refers to the amount of the frame the door covers.  A standard overlay typically covers 1/4″ to 1/2″ of the face frame leaving 1″ to 1 ¼” reveal.  Full overlay doors will typically cover 1 5/16″ of the face frame leaving 3/16″ reveal.

What is a Soft Close Drawer?2020-11-19T21:57:19-05:00

A Soft Close feature is a shock buffer that allows the cabinet door or drawer to close softly and quietly no matter how you close it.  Our Choice Premier cabinetry line comes standard with Soft Close drawers. Soft Close doors are not standard but are available for every cabinet style.  Our Choice Basics cabinetry line does not come with Soft Close drawers or doors.

What cleaning products can I use on my new cabinets?2020-11-19T21:56:30-05:00

We do not recommend using household cleaning products to care for your cabinets.  Please talk to us about what products can be used to clean cabinets.

Can I do a granite counter top in my kitchen?2020-11-19T21:56:14-05:00

Yes.  Because of their plywood construction, our cabinets can hold the weight of any countertop surface/material you may select. We’re also pleased to offer quartz at the same price as granite and laminate is another option for counter finishes. Ask us for more details on countertop surface options.

What’s the interior finish of your cabinets?2020-11-19T21:55:59-05:00

Our Deluxe cabinetry line comes with a natural caramel finish.  Our Preferred and Premium lines come with a natural Baltic birch finish.

Are all your cabinets wood?2020-11-19T21:55:45-05:00

Yes.  All of our cabinets are constructed of furniture grade, high density plywood and hard maple frames, doors, and drawer fronts. However, some door and drawer center panels are made using MDF. Please ask us for product specs for more details.

Are the doors and drawers on your cabinets adjustable?2020-11-19T21:55:28-05:00

Yes.  Our 6-way adjustable hinges only require a Phillips screwdriver.  Adjusting the drawers requires no tools at all.

What if I scratch my new cabinets?2020-11-19T21:55:15-05:00

Fill sticks and touch-up pens are available if you happen to scratch or dent any of your cabinets.

What is a toe kick?2020-11-19T21:55:02-05:00

That small, recessed space between the bottom of your cabinets and the floor is known as the toe kick. The toe kick allows you to stand next to your base cabinets without stubbing your toes. All of our base and tall cabinets come with an unfinished toe kick for additional strength and durability. Toe Kicks provide a finished, seamless look.

Can I do a laminate counter top in my kitchen?2020-11-19T21:54:48-05:00

Yes.  Our cabinets support almost any type of countertop you would like including laminate and granite. We’re also pleased to offer quartz at the same price as granite. Ask us for more details on countertop surface options.

How long does a kitchen delivery take?2020-11-19T21:54:32-05:00

 If you order our cabinets for your own installation purposes we are most often able to get them to you within about two weeks of the order. Occasionally out of stock parts may cause the order to be delayed by a couple of days but we will notify you of adjusted delivery date in this event.

What if I want a custom cabinet piece for my kitchen?2020-11-19T21:54:12-05:00

We offer stain and colour matching of Choice Cabinet styles in the event you would like to create custom cabinet pieces.

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